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About Someday Book Company

Someday Book Company is encouraging kids to dream big, through a series of books about what they can do or be when they grow older.  Their possibilities are endless and these books are created to spark their imagination and inspire them at a young age to shoot for their dreams.

Someday Book Company is dedicated to helping young children develop a love of books. I have worked as a school teacher for many years, and know the difficulties and discouragement faced by students who struggle with reading. Children, beginning as infants, who look at and listen to someone read books in their home have a far greater chance of developing a love for reading.  That is one of the reasons over the years I have participated in countless book drives dedicated to donating books for children in their homes, and it is the reason for creating this series of heartwarming and visually exciting books. Please join me in putting books in the hands of little children who at home with their family can begin to love books and explore the possibilities in their future.

Dream Big Kiddos

Talia Vaughn


About the Author Talia Vaughn

Talia was born and raised in Cache Valley, Utah.  After graduating from Sky View High School, she moved to sunny Saint George, Utah to attend Dixie State University.  There she met and married Wes Vaughn. They chose to remain in Saint George to raise their family, which now includes three “amazing” children. After earning a degree in Elementary Education, she began her teaching career and has been teaching school ever since. Wes is a Real Estate Agent and General contractor. Someday Book Company has been a dream of Talia’s for years. She is excited to see this dream come to life.


About the Illustrator Taylor Regen

Taylor is a Logan, Utah native and has loved sketching ever since she can remember. When she wasn’t doodling all over her school assignments, she was creating art for her brothers and sisters. (There were many days spent making the perfect superhero or princess.) She loves photography, reading, participating in theater, learning as many random facts as possible, but mostly being with family and friends. She is thankful for everyone that’s believed in her, especially her parents and siblings for coming up with so many ideas to practice her art.